Eat, Drink and Be Scary

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As I mentioned is previous posts before, I am a HUGE fan of Halloween.  Even as a type one diabetic there are many other aspects I love about the Holiday even though I can’t enjoy any of the candy.  Every year I always love to throw a Halloween get-together.  I love big dress up parties but I am more of a small intimate get-together with junk food, booze and fun.  This year I also used Halloween as a chance for my family and friends to see my new apartment.  My apartment is on the first floor so I kept the slider door open and utilized the back yard as a place to play corn hole and more seating (and also to keep the large cooler full of beer).  It was an open house, very causal and a ton of fun to see everyone I love.


For decorating, because I am a single girl living alone, budget was a key factor.  All my decorations came from something I already had and also shopping in my Grandparents basement.  All the old vintage candles and plates came from my “Gaga” and she was appalled that I didn’t dust off the dust.  I think it really gave that old, spooky vintage look I was trying to achieve.  I really wanted the table to look like a witch set up shop in my living room – I think I may have gone a little over board in that there wasn’t even that much room for food. (whoops)


I like to cook and bake but I certainly do not have time to do so being a full time workin’ gal.  HUGE shout out to my mom and my grandma for helping provide some of the food.  I did however make a few treats and drinks and of course used Pinterest to find all the recipes:

Stay Fancy!



Hocus Pocus – How to Decorate For Halloween For Under 20 Dollars

Halloween.  My absolute FAVORITE time of year and favorite Holiday (Thanksgiving is a close second).  I think the reason why I love Halloween so much is my sad, sick obsession with my favorite movie ever – HOCUS POCUS.  Every time the movie is on TV, I get about 4 different text messages from people letting me know it is on.  Some people that I haven’t talked to in years, ex-boyfriends, best friends, co-workers, I without a doubt every time get a text.  It’s sad, of this I am aware.  Why do I love this movie so much? I couldn’t tell you, but I do…so that’s that.

This year I wanted to focus my decorating around my love for witches and Hocus Pocus while still keeping the vintage feel to my living room.  Below are a few pictures of my Vintage Witch Halloween décor.  Since I am a strict budget this year (living on your own ain’t cheap)  I had to make a lot of my decorations.  A lot of the stuff I used was old glass bottles, old books and book pages, candles and dollar store finds.  The only thing I did purchase was some ribbon and a lot of the stuff I had from previous years of Halloween’s past.

I will post some tutorials on how I made some of the decorations this week.

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The last picture is my favorite 🙂

Stay Fancy