There are many meanings behind this “Finally” post. First, I FINALLY did it, I opened up my own Etsy shop featuring an engagement sign I made for my very best friend Jessica. I am so happy to say that on May 26th, 2013 I will be right by her side as her maid of honor which she FINALLY marries her MIDDLE SCHOOL sweetheart. Yes, you heard me – they have been together since they were 12 and are finally getting hitched (hence why I made them the “Finally” sign for their engagement shoot.) I simply cannot wait until their big day as I have seen their relationship grow from the very beginning. (I am already crying over the speech I have to make)

Here are a few beautiful pictures of my very best friend and the sign I made for them. Photos 1,3 and 4 below were taken by Hanlon Photography of Woodbury, Connecticut

The Finally Sign can be found at my Etsy shop at


Finally Getting Married SignFinally_Sign_1