The Secret to GOOD Homemade Iced Coffee: A Pinterest Success Story

The official start of summer is finally here – beach days, sun dresses, late nights, vacations, summer love and of course that switch over to ice coffee.  I for one am OBSESSED with coffee, it’s bad, this I know, but I literally cannot start my day without one and by the time 3 o’clock rolls around I turn into witchy women.

I typically get Starbucks (Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte) or Dunkin, and most of the time avoid making iced coffee at home due to the diluted sad attempt of a flavor.  Howeverrrrr… I came across this pin and thought wow, so smart and so simple  – so I tried it.


I have the Keurig at home, so I just ran one cup twice through the machine and that was enough coffee to fill the tray.  Once frozen, I just put the ice cubes in a cup and poured another hot coffee over with a little splenda and a little milk – it was perfect!!!  Not diluted at all!  Looks like I will be taking advantage of this little trick all summer!

p.s – My Mom found the mason jar lid, 2 for $1.29 at Christmas Tree Shop – What a steal!!! I LOVE them and take my mason jars with lids EVERYWHERE!!!

3 Steps To Fixing Broken Make-Up: A Pinterest Success Story

AHH – First week at my new job and it has been GREAT! The people are great, the work is great and the commute – AMAZING. (ONE MINUTE, NO JOKE) As opposed to my 2 hour New York City commute.

With all my new spare single girl time I have found an addiction to the gym, the beach, crafting, blogging and eating frozen yogurt, alone, but hey whatever.

Since I have all this spare time to blog I decided I will post a weekly “Pinterest Success Story”. Recently I came across a blog with all Pinterest Fails – it was Hilarious, so I will share my favorite pictures of fail stories too, and possibly add some of my own fail stories. I am secretly convinced that all the Susie Homemaker perfect women out there are just perfect via social media – aint nobody got time for half the sh*t they do.

My success stories will be easy, I promise like this below – IT REALLY WORKS!!! I dropped my bronzer the other day and I was PISSED!!! I remember seeing this on Pinterest and thought I would give it a shot. I added about a cap full of rubbing alcohol and mashed up the pieces to form a liquid with a spoon. I simply let it dry over night and my make up with good as new – AMAZING!!  I put together a few pictures I took along the way as an example for you.  Sorry they are kind of crappy – they were taken with my iPhone.

Do you have any other fun make up tricks?

3 Steps To Fix Your Broken MakeupOh and as promised – the weekly Pinterest Fail = awesome.

Stay Fancy,