Little Black Dress Invites

Wow. What craziness I have been up to lately. Now that I finally have some time to breath, I can catch you up on some updates.

With my best friend’s wedding vastly approaching I cannot believe her shower was last weekend! I will update everyone with the details of her shower in the next post but wanted to share the invitations I designed and made.

I definieitly wanted to make something different and creative for the invite. Back in High School I can remember taking a creative writing class (aka scrapbooking 101) Throughout college and high school I was EXTREMELY into scrapbooking, I even would teach classes at A.C MOORE in college. Yes, it’s true I worked at AC Moore in college, mainly to get the employee discount, and because I was/am OBSESSED with DIY. Anyways, within the class we had to make a timeline in which I made everything removable with velcro and the idea came to mind for these invites. “Why not make a velcro removable dress on the invite and turn it into a raffle ticket from everyone to bring in”.

It was my friend’s idea to have a “Little Black Dress” night time shower to shake things up a bit, and I just played off of her idea. Here is what the invites ended up looking like:

Little Black Dress Shower Invite

I used the cricut machine to cut out the dresses and used sticky velcro so the dress was able to be removed.

Shower Invite 3

The dress then became a raffle ticket for all the guests to bring in for a drawing.

Shower Invite 2

We had the bride pick 6 winners for the door prize. We also supplied extra dresses for tickets at the shower, just in case anyone forgot. But for the most part everyone brought their ticket in! So what did we give away for the door prizes?? Little Black Dress wine of course!

Of course, you can always make the dresses white for a bridal gown! I plan on adding these to my Etsy shop soon. Be sure to check it out at