Laundry Room Sign

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!  It has been a gorgeous weekend here in Connecticut, I am currently sitting with all the windows open, a coffee and waiting to meet my friends for the Toby Keith concert tonight!

Yesterday my mom and I took advantage of tax free week here.  I did some serious damage shopping for my upcoming Mexico trip, as well as some pretty awesome fall clothes, but perhaps my best find came from Homegoods.  I saw this sign for $12.99 and knew it would be a perfect fit for my laundry room.

The clothes pins fit in with my laundry room and since the room is right off of my kitchen, the chalkboard fit in with the theme of that.

When I got it home I knew it would be perfect to hang missing socks that some how got lost in the laundry until the mate showed up.  I then couldn’t help but write “Clean, single and looking for a mate” on the chalkboard part.  Oh the irony of my own life. hahaImageImage

Little Black Dress Bridal Shower

Ok, so this post is WAYYY overdue considering the shower was in MARCH, but without further adieu, here are some pictures of the Little Black Dress Bridal Shower I helped plan for my best friend.

As I said, the theme of the shower was “Little Black Dress”  Yes, there was a dress code and everyone did have to wear their favorite LBD.  We tried to carry the theme throughout the shower through decorations and favors. The candy/dessert bar was by far the focal point of the shower.  The cupcakes were from “Taste and See” located in Milford CT –  I HIGHLY recommend this cupcake shop if you are in the Connecticut area.  The women who work there are so sweet (no pun intended) and they are very reasonably priced.   Aside for accommodating my vision and making beautiful cupcakes, they are also DELICIOUS! Here are a few pictures of the dessert bar:

jessica shower 012
 jessica shower 007
 jessica shower 032

I wish I hung this banner from the dessert table but we thought it would look nice for when the guest walked in to read “From Miss to Mrs.” This banner matched the invites I made (which you can find here.) 

Of course every shower has to come equipped with games.  The first game we played was the toilet paper bride game.  Each table received 4-5 rolls of toilet paper and were asked to pick one person from the table to create a wedding dress on them out of the toilet paper.  Each of the tables got super creative with their designs; some made bouquets, head pieces, bows and even a train.  We set a timer for 20 minutes and at the end we called each one of the “brides” to the front for Jessica to vote on her favorite. The winner, along with the table, received small gifts to take home!DSC_0308 - Version 2 DSC_0311 - Version 2DSC_0327 - Version 2 DSC_0342 - Version 2

Another game that we played was Bridal Bingo.  I designed the bingo cards to match again both the invites and the banner.  We placed a bingo card at each setting and asked each guest to fill in the blank squares with items they think Jessica may open as gifts.  As Jessica opened the gifts and called out what she received, people would cross out the item on the card.  The first 5 people who filled the card yelled BINGO and again won some door prizes.

We also had a door prize from the raffle ticket that the guest brought in from their invitations.  On the invitation, was a removable black Velcro dress.  The guest wrote their name on the back and brought in the raffle ticket.  Jessica picked out 5 winners from the raffle to win the door prize.  What was the door prize?? Little Black Dress Wine of course!!

jessica shower 002

Jessica really wanted a glamour, sparkle shower.  We got the black sequin table runners fairly priced in NYC’s fashion district.  It was a fun train ride into the city with a visit to M&J Trimming.  If you are a bride and you are looking for any garments, head pieces, belts, basically any accessories GO TO M&J TRIMMING.  Walking into the store was like walking into heaven and everything was inexpensive – GO GO GO

 Here are a few pictures of the centerpieces:
For favors we of course had the candy/dessert bar, but also included Jessica nail polish.  Each of the nail polish colors were picked specifically because of the name “Jessica” of course – but also the colors reflected wedding colors. “I Do” and “Wedding Gown”
jessica shower 005
The night was truly wonderful and we had so much fun at the not-so-traditional shower.  The night even ended up with a little bridal party fun 🙂 Here are a few other fun pictures from the night:

DSC_0255   DSC_0271 - Version 2DSC_0256 - Version 2

Photos Courtesy of Stacy DeMonte (1,2,3,11,14) and Brittney Dishian (5,6,13,15,17,19_.  Please contact me at for inquiries.

DIY Mardi Gras Statement Necklace

Instagram.  My boredom past time is slowly becoming my go-to in social media. Recently I came across a picture posted by the style blogger of Atlantic Pacific.  I honestly love everything outfit or accessory that this girl puts together (huge fan) but one of her latest pictures was a necklace from Fenton Fallon picture below:

Fenton Fallon Necklace


How AWESOME is that!? A great, colorful summer piece.  After looking through the Fenton Fallon website I fell in LOVE with everything.  It wasn’t until a few weeks later when I was visiting my parent’s house that this gem caught my eye:

Yes, it’s true, my parents went to Mardi Gras – they are pretty cool, and NO I didn’t ask them how they got the beads and frankly, I have no intention on asking either.


Anyways, when seeing this I immediately thought of the wonderful beautiful Fenton Fallon necklace and thought – “HEY, I can make that!”  So that is precisely what I did. Here’s how.

DIY Mardi Gras Bead Braided Necklace

First, I took an array of all different color necklaces.

I then cut the necklaces to form long strands tying the top together with a piece of small ribbon.

I then taped the top of he strands to the table and spilt the beads up into three equal sections. The next step is to begin braiding the three strands together.

Once the braid came close to the end of the strands I then tied it together using the small ribbon again.

Lastly, I tied a thicker ribbon to each end of the braid so I could tie the necklace together around my neck.

And there you have it! – Simple quick and FREE!!!

Now We Have Everything – A Nursery Sign

Out of all the projects I have done, this one has got to be one of my absolute favorites.  Recently I was tasked with this:

“I need something for a baby shower, something to decorate a nursery, but different than The Mother’s Love sign you made” (THANKS LAUREN!!!) – That’s when my wheels started turning.  The first thing I went to do is look through Pinterest at Baby Nurserys.  That is what I came across this gem:

Baby room wood wall

I LOVED the way it looked, very classy and simple.  The only thing is, how can I turn this into something for a baby?  That is when the quote “First we had each other, then we had you, now we have everything” popped into my head.  If I removed one of the picture frames and just had three, I could write a part of the saying under each of the frames!


  • Frame 1 – First we had each other – This would be a picture of just the parents of the baby
  • Frame 2 – Then we had you – Picture of JUST the baby
  • Frame 3 – Now  we have everything – Family Picture


This item is currently not for sale on my Etsy shop because it is rather large to ship, but if you are interested, please email me at and I can see what I can do 🙂

Or – if you choose to make your own, here’s what I did:

First I took three pieces of wood that were 6 inches wide and 36 inches long. I attached all three together by using Gorilla wood glue and brackets in the back.

Baby Sign Part 1

I then added studs at the end of each piece of wood to give it more of a rustic feel. I also added nails to the middle piece of wood to hang the picture frames on.

Baby Sign Par t2

Once the board was set and the nails were in place, I used Minwax® Wood Finish™ in Dark Walnut to stain the wood.  I used a sponge brush as well as an old cloth to do the staining (don’t forget to wear work gloves to keep your fingers from staining!!)

Wood Finish 3

I cut the letters using the Cricut Machine and attached them using Matte Modge Podge.  The frames I got were from IKEA and at a really good price!

And there you have it – the finished product came out wonderful.  It took some time, but I was very happy with the result in the end.

Now We Have Everything Sign

BIG thanks to my Dad with helping on this one, this further proves that the only guy a girl can depend on, is her Daddy.

Stay Fancy


Preview Of My Shabby Chic Beginning

Well, I have officially moved in to my new place.  It’s crazy how you don’t realize how much stuff you have until you move. Mine mostly consisting of clothes, clothes, more clothes, shoes and a TON of tag sale/flea market junk.  A HUGE thank you to my family and friends for putting up carrying my junk and for the help with painting.  I owe you all xo

I still have a LONG way to go in terms of decorating, but here are a few sneak preview shots of my romantic not-so French country cottage.  It’s more like a condo close to i95 and the Post Road, but hey, a girl can dream.

Necklace Roses Clock


I can’t wait to share the finished rooms with you!

Stay Fancy!