Plastic Easter Egg Wreath

Spring is here (well kinda, it’s March 31st and it was snowing this morning) but technically it is in fact Spring here in Connecticut.  Since the weather is still a bit too bitter to enjoy some outside activities,  I spent the weekend mostly indoors shopping, running errands and may have gotten a massage (oh the perks of being a media planner!)

My shopping ventures this weekend took me to Jo-Ann Fabrics (no surprise there) where I stumbled upon an egg wreath that I feel IN LOVE with (pictured below).  The only problem – it was 40 dollars!!  Yes, Jo-Ann’s offers great coupons (I highly recommend you download their store app here) but the price still seemed a bit steep for a mid-twenties girl living on her own.

Here are the directions to making the Egg Wreath on your own:

 Supplies you will need:

  •          Plastic Easter Eggs (I got mine for super cheap at the Christmas Tree Shop.  The wreath took about 48-60 Eggs but this will really depend on how full you want it to look)
  •          10in Straw Wreath (or any floral wreath)
  •          Spanish Moss
  •          Acrylic pastel paint
  •          Hot Glue Gun


  • Paint the plastic eggs the color of your choice.  I chose natural pastels and then speckled them with a brownish/red paint to really give them the realistic loo
  • Take the hot glue and glue the eggs around the wreath.
  • Fill in all the bare spots by hot gluing the Spanish moss onto the wreath. I used a skewer to really poke the moss into the open holes to make sure it all stayed to get a fuller look.
  • That’s it!  Pretty simple as long as you know how to hot glue!

Plastic Egg WreathEgg Wreath Inspiration

Egg Wreath Inspiration Price Tag

Floracraft Straw Wreath

Plastic Egg Paint


Spanish Moss

Plastic Egg Wreath

Preview Of My Shabby Chic Beginning

Well, I have officially moved in to my new place.  It’s crazy how you don’t realize how much stuff you have until you move. Mine mostly consisting of clothes, clothes, more clothes, shoes and a TON of tag sale/flea market junk.  A HUGE thank you to my family and friends for putting up carrying my junk and for the help with painting.  I owe you all xo

I still have a LONG way to go in terms of decorating, but here are a few sneak preview shots of my romantic not-so French country cottage.  It’s more like a condo close to i95 and the Post Road, but hey, a girl can dream.

Necklace Roses Clock


I can’t wait to share the finished rooms with you!

Stay Fancy!


A Shabby Chic New Beginning

So lots of updates have been going on lately.  I kind of fell off the track of blogging for some personal reasons, but I am back in full swing.  This past week I officially turned 26.  And although 25 was a good year, it was also a year of many, many difficult challenges.  25 got off to a really tough start for me around this time last year, some personal issues, but I made it through in great support of my family and friends.  At 25 I thought I had it all figured out, the perfect boyfriend, the perfect condo, and the perfect job, but sometimes life throws you some curve balls you learn to take the good with the bad.

Sometimes what seems to be perfect really isn’t, and my biggest fear in life is settling for something because people around you are doing it.  I’ve learned that your age is just a number and even though I would spend many nights in drinking wine to my face watching sappy movies, there really isn’t a reason to be that way.  My wonderful job, with honestly still the most amazing people I have ever known, moved to New York from Connecticut the same week my boyfriend and I broke up.  I had to move out of my beautiful condo the same week I had to pack my desk to move to New York.  The commute was rough, the move was tough and all the added stress was making my blood sugar levels go out of control.

Luckily, my wonderful grandparents live in Westport with a full in-law apartment.  I am beyond the luckiest girl to be able to still have both my grandparents with me.  Living there was a big change from my condo and most of the time felt like an Italian sitcom show.  My grandparent’s have been married for almost 61 years and fought just like that.  Most of the arguments were based off of who can hear better (no joke).  Living there I was able to jot down a few of my favorite lines they would say, and I swear I am going to write a book about it – or at least a blog post haha

I loved living with them, but honestly, at 25 you just want to be on your own.  Being there I was able to save save save, get a new, great job about .3 miles down the road, and really get my life into place.  I became happy again and “healed” there.  So, the day after I turned 26 I looked at a place to be on my own and within the next few days but a down payment on a perfect apartment!

It will be bittersweet to leave and I will sure miss having my grandma as my little personal assistant, but I am over the top excited to have my own place and OF COURSE decorate!!

Since I am obsessed with tag sales and flea markets I really want to keep that vintage feel, but the absolute best part about living on your own and being single is, I can decorate any way I want!!! Bring on the girly stupid sh*t.

For the living room I am thinking very neutral with grey, whites and tans while the bedroom is going to be all “romantic shabby chic french cottage” — very vintage, feminine, pink, flowers and teal.

Below are some inspirations that I have been looking at, and if you follow me on Pinterest, I apologize for pinning WAY too much of basically the same thing.

Vintange Industrial French Grey

0902_torres_4885revere pewter color combo


What do you think?  AHH I cannot wait to put this all together!

Stay Fancy!


Merry and Bright

Christmas season is here again and this is the first official year that I am able to decorate my own place. However, after purchasing a new car a few months ago, buying all new decorations for our new place just wasn’t in the budget this year.

I get a lot of my inspiration for home decor from Pottery Barn. Their Pottery Barn Holiday Pinterest Page is out of control AWESOME. Just by looking through I was able to imagine what I wanted my home to look like on my type of budget.

The majority of items I used was pine cones and tree trims – BOTH FREE. As I mentioned in a previous post, you can get all the tree trim for free when you cut down your tree or at any place that sells fresh trees. Just bring a bag and go crazy.

The pine cones I have collected throughout the year. I actually got mine while I was babysitting for a family I used to babysit for in college one weekend. I made the boys play a game “Who ever picks up the most pine cones in 30 seconds and puts them in this bad wins!” – Thanks guys, I’m good 🙂 I sprayed them with snow spray to give them the wintery look.

Vintage music sheets are also very in, but why waste money on buying actual vintage music sheets? I printed mine out using this template. TIP: To make this look extra vintage, take a spray bottle, damp the paper with water, gently crumple it up in a ball, open the crumpled paper and lay flat on the floor, cover with a hand towel and iron the paper to flatten – Let dry and you have vintage paper. I sprayed mine with glitter spray to give it an extra pop for the holidays.

For the most part I just reused jars, wrapped them with old book pages, the music sheets, tree trim and OF COURSE burlap. I hope you find these ideas inspiring, they are so easy and CHEAP to make.

We still need our tree and I need to making the stockings but…….. without further adieu, from our home to yours, love Jess and Evan (even though it’s mostly just me) haha

p.s – Can you find the “Hidden Mickey” I designed into our Holiday Card?