Plastic Easter Egg Wreath

Spring is here (well kinda, it’s March 31st and it was snowing this morning) but technically it is in fact Spring here in Connecticut.  Since the weather is still a bit too bitter to enjoy some outside activities,  I spent the weekend mostly indoors shopping, running errands and may have gotten a massage (oh the perks of being a media planner!)

My shopping ventures this weekend took me to Jo-Ann Fabrics (no surprise there) where I stumbled upon an egg wreath that I feel IN LOVE with (pictured below).  The only problem – it was 40 dollars!!  Yes, Jo-Ann’s offers great coupons (I highly recommend you download their store app here) but the price still seemed a bit steep for a mid-twenties girl living on her own.

Here are the directions to making the Egg Wreath on your own:

 Supplies you will need:

  •          Plastic Easter Eggs (I got mine for super cheap at the Christmas Tree Shop.  The wreath took about 48-60 Eggs but this will really depend on how full you want it to look)
  •          10in Straw Wreath (or any floral wreath)
  •          Spanish Moss
  •          Acrylic pastel paint
  •          Hot Glue Gun


  • Paint the plastic eggs the color of your choice.  I chose natural pastels and then speckled them with a brownish/red paint to really give them the realistic loo
  • Take the hot glue and glue the eggs around the wreath.
  • Fill in all the bare spots by hot gluing the Spanish moss onto the wreath. I used a skewer to really poke the moss into the open holes to make sure it all stayed to get a fuller look.
  • That’s it!  Pretty simple as long as you know how to hot glue!

Plastic Egg WreathEgg Wreath Inspiration

Egg Wreath Inspiration Price Tag

Floracraft Straw Wreath

Plastic Egg Paint


Spanish Moss

Plastic Egg Wreath


Eggcellent Quick Egg Muffins

When you are a commuter, sometimes your drive/train ride to work can be some what of a part-time job.  I used to take the Metro North train every day to work which meant a 2 hour door-to-door commute each way making the total trip 4 hours (a part-time job). I’ve cut my commute down to about an hour drive each way with traffic (mind you I only live 15 miles from the office)

I am also NOT a morning person, so anything to make my morning easier is key.  Being diabetic I can’t just grab a bagel and go, I need to eat something low carb and it is definitely hard to find in a breakfast food.  These Eggcellent breakfast cups are great to make ahead on the weekend, freeze, and microwave in the morning as a quick, easy, HEALTHY meal!

Here’s what you will need:
12 eggs (you could use just egg whites for a healthier option)
1/2 cup Low Fat milk
1/2 Green Bell Pepper
4oz Feta Cheese
1/2 cup Spinach, chopped
1 Tomato

Preheat Oven to 350 degrees and spray a 12 muffin tray with cooking spray.

Whisk the eggs and the milk in a large bowl.  Add the feta cheese, chopped spinach, cut up tomato and pepper and stir to combine.

Pour the egg mixture evenly into the muffin tin about 2/3 of the way full in each cup. Bake in oven for 20-30 minutes.  Let cool in tray, remove from muffin tin and cool on cooling rack.

Freeze in ziplock baggies.  I heat my frozen egg muffins in the microwave for about 40-60seconds but time may vary.

What other food would you add to your egg muffins?  It may be good with avocado and turkey!