The Secret to GOOD Homemade Iced Coffee: A Pinterest Success Story

The official start of summer is finally here – beach days, sun dresses, late nights, vacations, summer love and of course that switch over to ice coffee.  I for one am OBSESSED with coffee, it’s bad, this I know, but I literally cannot start my day without one and by the time 3 o’clock rolls around I turn into witchy women.

I typically get Starbucks (Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte) or Dunkin, and most of the time avoid making iced coffee at home due to the diluted sad attempt of a flavor.  Howeverrrrr… I came across this pin and thought wow, so smart and so simple  – so I tried it.


I have the Keurig at home, so I just ran one cup twice through the machine and that was enough coffee to fill the tray.  Once frozen, I just put the ice cubes in a cup and poured another hot coffee over with a little splenda and a little milk – it was perfect!!!  Not diluted at all!  Looks like I will be taking advantage of this little trick all summer!

p.s – My Mom found the mason jar lid, 2 for $1.29 at Christmas Tree Shop – What a steal!!! I LOVE them and take my mason jars with lids EVERYWHERE!!!

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