Valentine DIY


Valentine Sweethearts Candle

It has truly been such a long time since my last blog post.  I have been super busy with Etsy orders, working full time and helping to plan bridal festivities for my Best Friend’s Wedding (all of which I CANNOT wait to share)

In the meantime, Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and all though people have their opinions about Valentine’s Day being a Hallmark Holiday, I still think it is fun.  Yes, I believe you should show love all year round, but decorating with pretty hearts and getting small gifts is always fun, right?

As always, all my crafting is done in a way to save you money!  While I was out shopping this past weekend I saw a bag of traditional NECCO Sweethearts Candy. Growing up I LOVED eating these around this time a year, however – at 16 when I was diagnosed with type one diabetes, I can no longer enjoy this sweet treat (*tear).  That’s when I decided, “why not decorate with them?”.

When I put all the candy into the vase I wanted to decorate with I realized that I did not buy enough – (pits!)  That’s when the wheels in my head were turning.  If I put something in the middle of the vase, it would take up more room allowing one bag to be enough!  Enter, the paper towel roll.

Problem here – we had a full roll of paper towels.  I would like to give a HUGE shout out to my amazing man Evan for putting up with this:

Paper Towel

Whoops! – Don’t worry, we re-used it!!

Here is the step by step on creating this:

Valentine's Day Decor


First, here is what you will need:

Sweetheart Decor

Cut the paper towel roll so it is slightly shorter than your vase and cover it with a piece of paper just big enough to cover the top of the tube.  The paper on the top keeps from any hearts getting inside the tube while you are dumping them in allowing for more hearts to go a long way!


Next, start filling the outside of the tube with the candy.



Sweetheart Decor

Make sure to cover the paper with more sweethearts so it doesn’t show!

Valentine's Day Decor

Sweetheart Valentine's Day Decor DSCN5127 Sweetheart Valentine's Day Decor Valentine's Day Decor Valentine's Day Decor Valentine's Day Decor Valentine's Day Decor Valentine's Day Decor Valentine's Day Decor

And there you have it – I even had extra hearts to put into a hurricane vase with a candle – The diabetic way to have candy!!

What do you think? How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?



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