10 Things I Love About You


If you couldn’t tell I am slightly late for Valentine’s Day gift ideas however, this DIY is a great gift for really any occasion.  As you can see here I took 11 envelopes each with their own personal touch of 10 things I love about Evan.  I attached the envelopes together by gluing the sticky part of the envelope to the back of the previous one so they all folded out one by one when opening. (Apologies on not having a picture of the folded envelopes, still new at the blog thing)

I filled each envelope with small things allowing me to still fold them all up.  For larger items I inserted a tag with a number on it.  The number on the tag corresponded with the number on a bag which included a gift to open.  I provided you an example of that above.  I cut the hearts out using the Cricut Machine (I tool I literally cannot live without)

Here is what I filled each envelope with.  What are some small items or ideas you would add?

  • 10 Things I love About You – I wrote a note to Evan
  1. You’re Sweet – Small package of candy (Jolees Cupcake Stickers)
  2. Your Kisses – Chapstick
  3. You’re Style (I designed this using the paper from a bag from his favorite store) – I inserted a number for him to open up a shirt in a bag.
  4. You’re Fancy – The first words I said to Evan when I met him in his Police uniform.  I included a gift card to his favorite restaurant he eats at while working. (Jolees Police Officer Stickers)
  5. You Make Me Feel Lucky – Lotto Scratch-Offs
  6. You’re Cuddly  – PJ Pants (Jolees Pajama Party Stickers)
  7. You Are My Everything – A Picture of us
  8. You’re Hot – Boxer Shorts
  9. You’re Fun – A gift card to mini golf (Jolees Mini Golf Stickers)
  10. You’re Sexy – I’ll let you guess, but I utilized the bag from the store I bought it in.

Cheers! – J

One thought on “10 Things I Love About You

  1. I remember this, you made it in front of the heater, LOL… love it, very creative and time consuming… but anyone else could make it alot quicker cuz you do obsess!!!… hehe

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