Braided Tee

When you move, you find out you have a lot of junk.  I moved about 2 months ago and sadly enough, I am STILL unpacking bags of clothes.  Last weekend I came across an ugly bathing suit cover-up that I will probably never wear again.  The colors in the dress were pretty cool and worth saving so being the semi-hoarder that I am, DIY came to mind.

Here is my ugly dress:

 I first cut the dress length wise along the seam on the side of the dress to create about a 5 foot length of material.

I then cut the material length wise at about a width of 2 inches and ended up with three 2in x 5ft strips.  I then used some extra material to tie the three pieces together leaving about 3 inches of material at the top.

I then simply started braiding the 3 pieces until the braid was about 2 feet long.  After you finish braiding, again, you will take an extra piece of fabric to tie the end.  Once the entire braid is complete, tie the two ends together. (I double knotted to be safe)

After tying the ends together, cut down the remaing fabric on the ends to resemble a small flower and enjoy!  It was super simple and a great statement necklace to dress up any plain Tee.

Enjoy – J

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