Creme De La Cheap

One of my absolute favorite things to do is finding something interesting, whether it be fashion, home decor or beauty, and figuring out how I can make it myself for a fraction of the price. You will see this a lot throughout my posts.  One of my favorite fashion blogs to check out is Atlantic-Pacific.  When I came across this post I immediately fell in love with this sweatshirt from Zoe Karssen.  I also noticed it was a whooping $160. That’s when the famous words hit me: “I Can Make That” 

After searching though retail websites, I could not pass up on finding a similar grey light sweatshirt on You get 2 sweatshirts for 10 dollars. FIVE BUCKS A SHIRT and .97 CENTS TO SHIP TO HOME! What a steal!

The most inexpensive letters I found were at Joann Fabrics.  There were various sites that offered a promo code for either 15% off the entire purchase or 40% off a single item. You can find them by simply searching for “Joann Fabrics Promo Codes” in any search engine. I got 2 packs of letters, used the promo code and thankfully a gift card I received for my birthday 🙂

I cut each letter and placed it on the shirt before ironing on, then I followed the instructions on the package.

The letters have stayed on through multiple washes and it came out great! Here is my final “Creme De La Cheap” DIY version.  Have you ever made knock off versions of clothing?  What are your style inspirations?

Cheers – J

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